“This hand-to-hand fight in the sand offers a masterful strength merciless and very precise esthetics. If only for the pleasure of eyes, Uniforme is widely worth seeing.”  Didier Blécard, LʼEcho, Brussels 2017
“The diversity of the world is endangered by the ultimate drive for uniformity. The two women explore a system which jams in its search for uniformity, a grain of sand in the cog of the machine’s wheel. The uniformity gives birth to chaos and from chaos comes a new arrival. From the chaos and destruction, they merge.”  Flora Eveno, RTBF Culture, Brussels 2017
“The passion and the dancing visual language with which proceeds the duo, are certainly fascinating to watch. It has something of the myth of Sisyphus, in which Sisyphus must always push a stone up a mountain which rolls down again and again over the top whenever it reaches it. That is also the content of Uniforme : the accomplished will be destroyed, after which it is built up again and again. In other words, the senselessness of everything. From this perspective, this performance highly reaches its goal.”    Kester Freriks, Theaterkrant, Holland 2018




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