As a place of research and creation, Garage 29 has been used since 2012 as a pretext for artistic meetings of all kinds around dance, circus, theater, music, video and others. And these meetings are in turn the pretexts for a more fundamental quest for the reinvention of frameworks, systems and creative formulas. 

The residencies

Garage29 welcomes artists from all scenic disciplines who are looking for a workspace, at any time during their creation process.

Currently, several formulas are possible: :

Artists can rent the studio to organize their residency. They have the studio from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. They can leave their scenography and material there during the entire period of their residency. In addition to having a workplace, artists have the opportunity to present a work step at the end of their residency and / or organize a class. Class is generally used as a way to finance their residence.


  • 50€ per day / individuals
  • 30€ / half-day (9am-1pm ou 2pm-6pm) / individuals
  • 100€ per day /subsidized companies
  • 60€ / half-day (9am-1pm ou 2pm-6pm) /subsidized companies
  • 10€ / hour / individuals
  • 20€ / hour /subsidized companies

Artists can apply to be part of GINCUBATOR (Garage art incubation29). In this context, they benefit from 4 weeks of free residence around a research or pre-creation project. More informations, HERE.

To request the studio for a residence  :

Program of residencies between 2012 – 2018

   RESIDENCIES 2017 – 2018
IMG_3152-300dpi   RESIDENCIES 2016 – 2017
   RESIDENCIES 2014 – 2015
cabaret rosarino900-400   RESIDENCIES 2013 – 2014
Tierras 3605   RESIDENCIES 2012 – 2013


The workshops

Garage29 hosts workshops for artists from all sides of the stage: dance, circus, theater, performance, music, etc. Since 2012, various proposals, reflections and experiments around the workshops have been experienced.

Currently, several formulas are possible:

Artists can rent the studio to organize their workshop. In this case, the artist is autonomous and must make every effort to carry out his workshop. Garage29 does not intervene in the organization of the workshop, nor does it guarantee the number of participants in this formula.


  • 100€ / day for a group of maximum 10 participants
  • 25% of the incomes for a group of more than 10 participants

The artists in residency can organize a class on the mornings of their week/day of residency and thus be able to pay the participation in the costs requested for their residency. In this formula, the artist organizes his class independently. Garage29 does not intervene in the organization of the class, nor does it guarantee the number of participants. Although, Garage29 can provide help relaying the information on social networks and website.

Request membership in the Facebook group: Garage29 Workshops to find out about upcoming workshops and classes.


  • 50€ / day for a group of maximum 15 participants

Artists can send a workshop-creation proposal. This is intended for choreographers who have a teaching practice in the performing arts and wish to test scenic ideas with a group of participants, in the form of a 2-week workshop with public presentation at the end of the process. This hybrid formula between workshop and creation, allows choreographers to experience directing and working with a group of professional scenic artists in order to test, clarify and refine their ideas before starting a creation. In this formula, Garage29 takes care of the organization of the workshop as well as the public presentation. More infos, HERE.


  • 1200€, for a group of 10 participants
  • 1400€, for a group of 12 participants

To organize a workshop, a class as part of a residency or a workshop-creation :

Program of workshops between 2012 – 2018

16403083_1832429103681885_5663025561321724783_o    WORKSHOPS 2017-2018
 Fragments - Bart Grietens 048   WORKSHOPS 2016-2017
Tono_G29_1375   WORKSHOPS 2015 – 2016
10378072_768200173220769_6222085396745652975_n   WORKSHOPS 2014 – 2015
vestidos   WORKSHOPS 2013 – 2014
Zambrano-Les Halles ©Beniamin Boar-24   WORKSHOPS 2012 – 2013

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