Garage29 currently produces Sabina Scarlat’s creations. Originally from Romania, Sabina Scarlat trained in classical dance at the National Conservatory of Bucharest and in psychology at the Free University of Bruxelles. After working several years as a psychologist specialized in Lacanian psychoanalysis, she returned to her first love and co-founded Garage29 in partnership with Nicanor de Elia. She trained in contemporary dance and performing arts with renowned choreographers and directors whom she invited to work in the studio, such as Lisi Estaras/Les Ballet C de la B, Fatou Traoré, Juan Navarro/Carniceria Teatro, David Zambrano, Mauro Paccagnella, to name but a few. Over the years, she has developed the studio as a dynamic platform for emerging artists among whom she evolves.
As a choreographer, she makes her debut in 2017. Convinced that choreographic writing can only take place when it escapes the knowledge of its creator, she begins by inventing unusual frameworks and questioning the conditions that bring about the emergence of choreography from a raw material or everyday object. Her first creation (Uniform) – depicting the symbiosis of two women who mercilessly demolish a large set sculpted in sand – was awarded the prize for best scenography at the international Atelier festival, Baia Mare, in Romania. From 2018, she researches into minimal narrative in contemporary dance for young audiences. In 2019, she begins a cycle of collaborations on the theme of gender identity: “Match 2” with Vilma Pitrinaite – a duo that explores female competition; “DipaTe” with Chloé Beillevaire – featuring two women walking around, with tights, in the stereotypes of feminine and masculine; “Nothing Sexual” with Charlie Cattrall and Elie Tass – a triangulation that only works through misunderstandings, because if, by misfortune, they understood each other, they could never agree.









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