17 -> 31 Mai 2024
Developed by GARAGE29 to help emerging artists to expose their worlds and methods, the OFFestival is also a meeting place and a showcase. Throughout the season, the artists we support create in residence and with the help of other artists, students, audiences, playwrights and programmers.
Presented at the end of the season, the OFF gives them the opportunity to present their work as a promising debut!
Come and discover the culmination of the work of GIN artists in a program combining finished works (Avant-Première) and work in progress (OFFShot).
The OFF is also a convivial event where you can leave your mark. You’ll also find a small bar, cushions and shaggy carpets to relax on, and a door wide open onto the sidewalk if the weather’s fine!
We’d like to thank our artists for their ever-renewed confidence in our counter-current structure, which never wanes as we move forward together.
Finally, the OFF is an opportunity to take stock with all those who have participated in the experimental approaches of the artists we support: the community of dancers, visual artists, residents, associations and partners.
All events cost €5.50 (€5 cash on site).
Come and support creation and emerging artists !
Follow the artists during their residency process and their presentations on our pages Instagram and Facebook !
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