Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx – Creatures at rest

12 July, 2020 garage29 GINCUBATOR


On a round, slowly turning platform, three performers barely move. Once in a while, their positions change. Softly, slightly, and easily. As if they were accompanied by a collectively felt outbreath.​ Creatures at rest is a choreographic project that bets on slowness to work with two questions: human hyperactivity in a collapsing ecosystem, and authenticity in a society of speed and individualism.​

This piece is a durational performance of three hours. Viewers can enter and exit the space, following their own times and timings.

In a fast-paced society where work is glorified and haste is the rule, Creatures at rest wants to create a space for rest and contemplative wandering. Since even as a viewer it is often difficult to abandon a productive state of mind that wants to understand and analyse, the atmosphere and slowness of this installation is intended to provide a space where this work can retreat to contemplation and sensory perception. In this way, Creatures at Rest gives the viewer the opportunity (and responsibility?) to observe and negotiate with their boredom and distraction.
The slowness of the movement invites us to a change of scale where subjects, objects, things, actions and even musical sounds are not individuated from their environment, but are, like molecules, linked in a multiple and complex way.
The installation wants to speak for the animal, mineral and plant worlds – not in the sense of addressing them, but imagining adopting their perspective. This exercise seems particularly urgent in our current ecological situation, but also in our excessively individualistic and anthropocentric Western society.
In an alienated Western culture that, in search of meaning and connection, imports and appropriates spiritual practices from other cultures – often integrating them into a consumerist, productivist logic (“I do my yoga to stay in shape, I do a meditation retreat to get back to my work even more efficiently later”) that primarily serves the self-realisation of the individual (“I want to become the best version of myself”) – this installation explores the slow pace of life as a means of finding the right balance between the individual and the collective, This installation explores slowness as an incentive to enter a terrain where not only our habit of instrumentalising the world around us is thwarted, but also where individual, cultural (and perhaps even species? ) are shaken. In doing so, Creatures at Rest creates a space of rest for both performers and spectators.

Research: Anna Heuer Hansen, Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx
Creation: Dagmar Dachauer, Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx
Performance: Dagmar Dachauer, Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx, third, fourth and fifth person to be confirmed
Costumes: Moni Wespi
Scenography: Benjamin Vandewalle and Moni Wespi
Dramaturgy: Barbara Raes

Anne-Charlotte Bisoux – BRAZIL

12 July, 2020 garage29 GINCUBATOR

Basé sur une réminiscence du Brésil, le projet d’Anne-Charlotte a commencé, plongeant dans un passé lointain, où à l’âge de 11 ans, accompagnée par sa mère, elle basculait dans un autre monde, avec ses rituels, ses danses, ses parfums et ses odeurs. Puisant dans l’étrangeté de ses souvenirs et y mélangeant des intérêts sans queue ni tête pour le carnaval ou la boxe thaï, “Brazil” est un retour à la source en même temps qu’une métamorphose physique, une quête d’identité et une envie de se surpasser où l’humour se dresse en arme contre un monde en déclin.

Création et Interprétation : Anne-Charlotte Bisoux

Scénographie et costumes : Moni Wespi

Regard extérieur : Nathan Ooms et Moni Wespi

Garage29 asbl
Rue de Moerkerke 29
BE-1030 Brussels