26 October, 2015 garage29 WORKSHOP


 The workshop focuses on exploring the inter-relation between voice and body movement, both technically and expressively.

We will analyse the technical elements within vocal production from a physical perspective, with elements of BMC, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Laban Analysis and Dalcroze’s Eurhythmics. Some  physical/ vocal improvisation will be part of the sessions as well as a more structured approach to the work.

The aim  is to expand the technical and expressive possibilities of the dancer/ performer as well as stimulate a different and more sophisticated  level of communication between performers coming from  different artistic backgrounds.

The workshop is at advanced/ professional level and it is open to dancers-physical performers as well as actors and singers with good movement skills.


Claudio Girard is a singer, dancer and performer. He studied at Laban, Goldsmiths College and at the GSMD. Alongside creating his own work, Claudio has performed for Mobius, Theatralia, Bettina Strickler, Neo and for ‘Les ballets C de la B’. He has taught contemporary dance and voice/ movement integration in the UK, in Belgium and in Italy.


Workshop :
14.11 – 15.11.15  
10:30am – 4:30pm
PRICE : 100 €
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