INAKI AZPILLAGA / TURBADOR / Workshop-creation

17 February, 2016 garage29 OFFESTIVAL, WORKSHOP

2-13.05.16 / OFF @ Garage29

The workshop is addressed to advanced and professional dancers and actors with movement training background. 

Movement is the main subject of the workshop. Participants will explore movement originated from necessity, urgency, limitation, emotional reason. Partnering and floor work with high doses of energy and dynamic changes will centre the attention in the class. We will work on two separate areas: One around pure abstract movement, related to musicality and space composition. The second one on partnering, where the bodies intrude each other. In a later stage, we will research the ways to fuse our discoveries towards performance.

The workshop will end with a public presentation on May the 13th at 8pm, in the frame of OFFestival 2016.


Born in Spain Iñaki Azpillaga is now a dance teacher based in Brussels leading workshops all around Europe. His dance studies are based on Basque folk dance, ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance. He has danced with Mathilde Monnier, Bocanada Danza, National Ballet Company of Spain besides many other companies. For over twenty years he has been connected with the work of Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus in one way or another. Since 1994 he has danced with the company, participating in the creation of the famous pieces: “Mountains made of Barking”, “Alle Grössen decken sich zu” and “Bereft of a Blissful Union”. At the same time he danced in “What the body does not remember” and “Her Body doesn’t fit her soul”. Since 1999 he has been the choreographical assistant and at times tour coach to several Wim Vandekeybus’ productions including his creations “Radical Wrong” and “Oedipus / Bêt Noir”. Since 1997 he has been leading workshops related to the work of Ultima Vez and last year reproduced the Repertory of the company in the piece “Blik Opener”.


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2 – 6.05.16 —10:00 – 16:00
9 –13.05.16 —14:00 – 20:00
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150 €



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