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Paradigm Brussels, music and visual arts collective proposes PARTYCIPATIVE / PARADIGM#1, a first edition that will bring more than a party in a great location : from mental electronics to techno and industrial music accompanied with quality visuals and an exhibition with Belgians artists.

AREYOUINTOWN Productions situated in Molenbeek opens this year a new workspace, SPACE BELGICA in partnership with FONDATION SONORE / THE LODGE. Offering artistic residencies and promoting workshops in dance, theatre, circus, film/video and music, SPACE BELGICA is collaborating this year with Garage29 in the frame of OFFestival.

Presentation : 
FR 14.05 — 10:00 PM
PRICE : 7 €
Rue François Mus 7 – 1080 Brussels


PLASTER live (IT, Stroboscopic Artefact, Kvitnu) aka Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri, Roma. The universe of Plaster is characterized by dark electronics, deep and pulsating beats, sharp sounds and cinematic soundscapes; with a technique that always balances the deepness of the sound and where every sound can be interpreted as a story in itself.

GEISTFORM live (ES, Hands Productions) aka Rafael M. Espinosa, Barcelona. Powerful electronic rhythms, cold and minimalist, analog sounds and distortions. Generated mostly from analog sources, oscillators and purely electronic tones. Synthesizers, radios, pulse frequencies, cold and minimalist rhythms, radiation background, white noise,.. all these Geistform’s signatures.

ORPHAN SWORDS live (BE, Idiosyncrastics). Brussels-based duo of Yannick Franck (electronic musician, performer, vocalist and label founder of Idiosyncrastics) and Pierre de Mûelenaere (co-curator of Bozar Electronic). Their universe is characterized by industrial sounds, gritty noise, intricately-layered exploration of heavily processed synths, tape loops, drones and beats. They will release a new EP in May on Clan Destine Records so expect some new materials!

ALEAs a/v performance (Shakmat, Reanimation, FSTN). Starting from scratch, they improvise to build a mix of live drawing (Pierre Coubeau aka FSTN), animation/motion design (Boris Wilmot aka REANIMATION) and modular synth (electronic producer François Gaspard aka SHAKMAT).

+ Roebin de Freitas dj set (Ante Rasa, Semantica, Subsist) + Sch!zophonic dj set + Fading Shade dj set (Mute) + Atone dj set (Paradigm)

ABOUT:BLANK VJING and artwork.

SKETCH MY MIND exhibition – Independent label that approaches artists, illustrators and designers and asks them to respond to an inspirational phrase.

CAROLINE BRISSET exhibition – Steel sculptures

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