1 November, 2016 garage29 WORKSHOP

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THE BODY AS A STATE OF MIND with Sabine Molenaar

I will offer different tools of improvisation and composition which I use in my own creation process. Mostly starting by using visualisation and breath to connect the mind and body and stimulate the imagination, to create a nourishing ground for researching state of mind and physical quality.

I’d like to share ways to: keep learning from the body by listening and exploring; don’t get bored with your own mind when an everyday creativity and awakened mind is required; keep a inspired and disciplined mind to expand the capacities of your body; create surprising directions by transformation of times, space and body.

PLAYFULL AND SHARP BODY with Piergiorgio Milano

As a teacher I propose a personal approach to contemporary dance mixing different ways of researching movement like fly-low, capoeira and release technique. In my life experience i’ve shifted from contemporary circus to contemporary dance exploring and sharing the work of international reknewed artists like: David Zambrano, Sidi Larby Cherkaoui, Roberto Olivan, Rodrigo Pardo.. I bring students through a very challenging physical experience which trough a playfull approach combines movement qualities, body states and set material.. My class is a good oportunity to improve strenght and stamina, to explore own creativity and to improve the capacity to deal with everyone’s own limits. The class is open to everyone that wishes to experience his own body as sensitive, playfull and powerfull instrument.


Sabine Molenaar  moved to Amsterdam in 2003 to study Modern Theatre Dance for 4 years at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In 2006 she worked with Ann van den Broek for the performance E19 the way to San José and from 2006 until 2008 she was co-founder of the dutch company ‘Instant Collective’. In 2008 she settled in Brussels and worked for over two years with company ‘Peeping Tom’, touring internationally with the performance 32 rue Vandenbranden. After she worked with ia JOJI inc and Speedblattle Collective. In 2012 founded the company Sandman. Under this umbrella she produced three physical theatre performances: That’s it (2013), Touch me (2015) Almost Alive (2017) and three experimental short dance films: Wish her ill (2012), That’s it (2013) and Kali (2016). 

That’s it, won a major award at the ACT festival in Bilbao (SP), as well as the prize for best female talent at the Theater Aan Zee Festival, in Oostende (BE) and a Special Mention award at BeFestival in Birmingham (UK).


Piergiorgio Milano is an Italian internationally recognized choreographer and performer.His background embraces circus, dance, theater and martial arts. His Performances are developed around the body and trough the body. He has personally experience being a dancer an acrobat and a performer; he gathers all these experience into a very strong physical language that combines virtuosity in movement with a very clear theatrical esthetics. His works always run on the borders between arts, categories and discipline; trying to force those borders he finds his personal strength into the creative process. Piergiorgio Milano has been working and collaborates with many international artists like James  Thierrée, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Rodrigo Pardo, David Zambrano, Roberto Olivan, Raffaella Giordano. He’s also a co-founder of the Circus theater company “ 320CHILI” with which he won the prize Equilibrio 2010 for his performance “Ai Migranti”. For his last work “Pesadilla” he won the prize Equilibrio 2015.

He teaches in many different circus school, dance schools and company such as: SEAD Salzburg, Danscentrumjette Bruxelles, Athens Vidéo Danse Festival, MAXXI contemporary art museum Roma Opus Ballet Firenze, Lille circus school Lomme, Le Lido circus school Toulouse, ADS Sistema Padova, Flic circus school Torino, Fourklore Dance company Ljubljana.

When :
11am-1pm : Piergiorgio Milano
2-4pm : Sabine Molenaar
Where :
Rue de Moerkerke 29
1030 Bxl
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Price :
1 class = 12€
2 classes = 20 €
5 classes = 50 €
10 classes = 80 €



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