22 April, 2017 garage29 OFFESTIVAL

19.05.17 / Garage29

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a visceral portrait of a woman imprisoned between memory and premonitions – like a giant torn to pieces by two wild horses pulling in opposite directions. The past and the future are just mirrored compartments that could break.

It’s a performance about pain, loss, wanderlust, love, and family. Through reflections on personal issues channeling into the public sphere, the work creates narrative fragments as it looks for evocative images of beauty and emotional power.
It’s not she in the world, but the world within her that is depicted. It’s inside of her that all of the changes are happening. The stage becomes an installation and it’s details become the scenography.

Created and performed by Laura Aris
Original music by Roger Marín
Costumes advised and transformation by Amber De Sagaer
Light designer by Alban Rouge
Co-produced by Sismògraf Dance Festival (Catalonia) and Theatre Roxy (Basel, Switzerland), the support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and residencies at La Caldera (Barcelona), Destelheiden Art Center (Belgium), Studio Belgica and Ultima Vez (Brussels).
Thanks to Jos Baker, Karen Joosten, Mala Kline and Luciana Carlevaro.


Laura Aris is a performer, choreographer and recognised international teacher. Her performing experience includes a decade as a formal member of the renowned Belgium dance Company Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez. For the past five years she has been working as a freelance artist developing her own creative practices.

Between 1996 and 1999 she was part of Lanònima Imperial Dance Company, directed by Juan Carlos García, and associated to General Elèctrica artistic collective in several productions from Tomás Aragay, in Barcelona.

She receive the Lladró Award to the Outstanding Dancer at Festival de Valencia (ES), 1999 and the Award of Excellence – Extraordinary Student, Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in 1997.

Co-founder, together with Jorge Jáuregui Allue, of the artistic platform Ember (2009 – 2014). Co-directing the performances: – La Era de los Cosmonautas (2009) , – Cola de Gallo (2010), – Impostura (2011), – Microacciones (2011)

Laura has directed the dance performances: – Surprised By Joy, guest choreographer at Taller Nacional de Danza- El Barco (Costa Rica 2009), – El Buit, commissioned by Centro de las Artes de San Luís Potosí (Mexico 2010), – Under the Eyelids, guest choreographer at ZPA, Zagrebacki Plesni Ansambl. (Croatia 2011), – “Cities of Delusion”, “As Long A There Is Us” and “The Anatomy of Broken Things”, as the Artist in Residence at Residence at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (2012-2014), – A-Part, a solo project (2013), – “Cualquier Mañana”, an artistic collaboration with the Spanish dancer Álvaro Esteban (2014), – “Open Wound” a solo MicroAction as the guest artist at Guerilla Project, during Art Basel-Hong Kong (2014).

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