Benno Steinegger – The chance to find yourself + i ( to be defined )

9 March, 2019 garage29 OFFESTIVAL

16.05.19 /  showing


During a long period of time, Benno interviewed very different people asking them  to define him. People that had bigger or smaller knowledge about him or a different kind of knowledge, like his mother, his doctor, a shaman, strangers in the street. At the end of his quest, that became the performance “i ( to be defined )”, Benno understood one thing :  if you want to have “The chance to find yourself”, you have to find someone else first. In his new piece, two migrants – who come from very different backgrounds, who do not know each other, who came to Brussels hoping to improve their working – and living – conditions, who both try to find out more about each other, themselves and their respective artistic practices, despite an evident cultural gap separating them –  aim to stage a common performance, staging a free adaptation of the novella Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. One is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Jovial Mbenga. The other is a german-speaking Italian from South-Tirol, Benno Steinegger.

A first public presentation of “The chance to find yourself” starting with extracts from “i ( to be defined )”, as if both pieces respond to each other, confront each other and complete the picture of an artist investigating himself through the eye of the other.


CONCEPT : Benno Steinegger

PERFORMANCE : Benno Steinegger, Jovial Mbenga

SUPPORTS : WorkSpaceBrussels (BE), Mestizoartplatform, spazioK, A.C. Codice Ivan, Garage29.

Benno Steinegger is part of the G – Incubator.



When :
5 pm
Where :
Rue de Moerkerke 29
1030 Bxl
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Free Entrance