1 May, 2013 garage29 OFFESTIVAL

24.05.13 – 19:30  / OFFESTIVAL

UDITH SANCHEZ RUIZ is a Cuban born performer and choreographer based in New York since 1999. She began her dance studies at the age of 11 at the National School of Arts. Ciudad de la Habana. Cuba. Since then, she has performed with Trisha Brown Dance Company; David Zambrano; DD Dorvillier; Jeremy Nelson, DanzAbierta Company; Mal Pelo Company; Deborah Hay and is currently at Sasha Waltz & Dancers.EDIVALDO ERNESTO was born in Maputo (Mozambique). He begins to dance in 1998 with the tsemba dance group,where he learns Mozambican traditional dance. Since then, he performed in “twelve flies went out at noon”,  “soul project” and ”SHOCK” directed by David Zambrano, He has been working with Sasha Waltz since 2005 and he is since 2008 a permanent ensemble member of Sasha Waltz & Guests.Together, they started researching on some identities: The observer, The hyper, The bouncer, The breaker. Wondering and trying to find the unknown with a mercurial aspect of being and a few loose game within the structure, achieving a farther transformation with in ourself. Closer to pain sometimes, dancing and flying between lost and abandon. Crafting a piece of sharp contrast in states of mind than transform into a new universe of presence and partnership. Base on composition of element, concepts of frequency, dimensionality and time.”There is a name for it” plays with the tension between our emotions and our public roles as individuals. Multiplying the philosophy of getting closer.
Concept & Choreography &Performance Judith Sanchez Ruiz – Edivaldo Ernesto
Sound Design Edivaldo Ernesto
Duration 50min.
Thanks to Sasha Waltz & Guest and Radialsystem.
Special thanks to Mat Vooter and David Zambrano and Virgis Puodziunas.




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