PATSHIVA Cie/Là où règne le chaos des anges

1 May, 2013 garage29 OFFESTIVAL

01.06.13 – 21:00  / OFFESTIVAL

A chorus of twenty-five women appropriates a repertoire of ritual and traditional world’s  dances and songs to transpose them in an  unexpected emotions pallet… The fluidity of voice joins those of bodies; a hole opens  in the pursuit of the improbable, fleeting connections between the sacred and the profane. A fascinating exploration, encounter between a choir, Dounia Depoorter & a choreographer, Fatou Traore.
Artistic director, choir Chief Dounia Depoorter
Stage director and choreographer Fatou Traoré
Assistant to the director Roxane Lefebvre
Light designer Thyl Beniest
Sound Ingineer Ivan Georgiev.

With Katarina Bujackova, Valérie Cols, Céline De Vos, Dounia Depoorter, Dominique Dosogne, Bérengère Dupuis, Valeria Garre, Mathilde Henkinbrant, Nelliyú Gutiérrez, Martina Janikova, Aya Kasasa, Roxane Lefebvre, Leïla Lowie, Anna Malmport, Adia Panteleeff, Virginie Pierre, Tina Smout, Jessica Tamsma, Geneviève Thulliez, Fatou Traoré, Marine Urbain, Céline Van den Abeele, Micheline Van Heers, Stefanie Van Leemput, Joëlle Waterschoot.




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