1 May, 2011 garage29 OFFESTIVAL

29.05.11 – 20:00  / OFFESTIVAL

The body of a bogeyman is composed of many kinds of alarming characters (such as soldiers), all with the purpose of frightening children. His role is often to warn us of dangerous moments or places. He is an entanglement of arms and legs, as if pushed by a strong wind. He is stretched to extremes.
He comes and goes with strange gestures, sudden obliterations and expansions, giving the impression of some kind of otherworldly being that would be weakened by te aphproach of a human face.
He takes as his duty to be a righter of wrongs, not to languish on his stake. He was born that way, in a fit of anger and in a time rage.
Conception and choreography: Karine Ponties
Interpretation: Claudio Stellato
Light design: Florence Richard
Costumes: Samuel Dronet
Music: God Speed You Black Emperor
Technical direction:Guillaume Fromentin
Length : 20 minutes




 ©Leif Federico Firnhaber

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