Helena Dietrich - Dreamline Mothership


“As women, we have come to distrust that power that comes from our deepest, non- rational knowledge. (…) But the erotic offers a well of restorative and provocative strength to the woman who does not fear its revelation (…)”
Audre Lorde, Uses of the erotic

A guided meditation, a fantastic sci-fi voyage into the cosmic womb, the mythological origin of the universe. On the mothership the audience is transported through the cosmic vaginal pathway, passing several portals which are opening and deepening the journey to one’s own intimacy and pleasure in order to generate a dream
conception. The cosmic womb is here interpreted as a black hole in the universe from which all dreams can be conceived and birthed into being. The story unfolds through spoken text, that sometimes becomes a song and a dance, accompanied by a celestial soundtrack created by Laryssa Kim. Inspired by somatic practices, where one is often guided through words into bodily states, this guided sci-fi journey is blurring genres between guided mediation, somatic scores, workshop, ritual and lecture performance.

This project is experimenting with collective induction of imagination through the magical properties of spoken words, such as in prayer, invocations or spells. How can words affect bodies, trigger sensations, cause shifts in perception and even invite altered states of consciousness? Inspired by rituals, throughout this session, the audience is invited to access their own imageries connected to this sci-fi feminist mythology and guided to dream ‘birth’ an oracle for our species future.

The ancient myth of the matrix is reawakened in a futuristic version, reminding us that our bodies and pleasures are gates and spaceships to “be born” and navigate through transformation.


Concept : Helena Dietrich
Interpreters : Helena Dietrich, Castelie Yalombo
Music : Laryssa Kim Lumière et scénographie : Caroline Mathieu
Encadrement : Florence Augendre Recherche : Carolina Mendonca, Erin Hill, Sofa Kakouri, Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx, Irina Lavrinovic, Francesca Saraullo

Production : Hiros Co-production : C-TAKT, wpZimmer, workspacebrussels, nadine vzw
Past Residences antérieures : Kunstencentrum BUDA, Cas-co, Les Brigittines, workspacebrussels
Residences and dates to come à venir : February 2022 > présentation @Beyond the Black Box Brakkegrond / C-Takt.

Ⓒ Helena Dietrich

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