Léa Vinette - PLANÈTE A


“A young woman lives alone in a brilliantly white and cold space in which darkness does not exist. One day, night falls. Gradually, darkness appears. Anxious and intrigued by this strange phenomenon that slowly absorbs the world she knows, she feels herself disappearing, and begins to go through contradictory physical states, from frenzy to restraint. The more the darkness comes, the more she connects with the world around her. She cries out for help and at the same time cries out in pleasure, feeling alive and vibrant to the depths of the cosmos. The woman shares with the audience the transcendent energy of the night in a detailed and powerful dance. Her body is sensitive, intuitive, multiple, unabashed and contradictory.”

How to let a multitude of physical and emotional states appear in a single body? Starting from the imaginary of darkness and through a meeting between science, dance and narration, Léa Vinette explores the emotional and physical states that the observation of the sky and the cosmos can provoke in us. With Planet A, she proposes a sensory journey to work on our common imagination and to question us about the disappearance of our starry sky.

Physiological support and artistic advice: Florence Augendre

Sound designer: Gwenael Bodet

Light designer: Gaspar Schelck


Co-producers: Les Ateliers Médicis- Création en cours ;  Danspunt – CODEDANSE ;  SEPT CENT QUATRE VINGT TROIS ; slowdanse ; La Soufflerie.

Research Support : La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ; Charleroi Danse.

Accueil studio : Honolulu-Nantes, Centre culturel Wolubilis


Ⓒ Simon van der Zande

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Rue de Moerkerke 29
BE-1030 Brussels