Jason Respilieux - J'en pris les oiseaux / Criiez oracle


How do we access the sensitive? How can we broaden the dialogue of our perceptions with each other and with our environment? How can we “be” in active receptivity?

Jason starts from the notion of “the between”, which situates the middle. Giving it a meaning linked to permaculture, he searches in his artistic approach for ways to “make the environment”.

Aspiring to transpose the ethics and principles of permaculture within his choreographic methodology, he challenges us on what could be proposed by a permaculture of dance. It would allow first of all observation, attention to detail and finally to reconnect with the living.

Looking, listening, touching, tasting, smelling, it is through these five senses that we manage to shape our imaginations, and these imaginations are in turn our source of inspiration, our incentive to set ourselves in motion. The principles of permaculture that Jason will transpose into stage methodology will allow us to weave the links between our singularities in order to create the common.


Project leader, choreographer/performer : Jason Respilieux
Performer (video-dance duo) : Claire Croizé
External eye, dramaturge, assistant to the choreographer : Eva Honings
Costume design : Ellada Damianou
Light designer (scenography), technician : Clive Mitchell

Videographer : Esmoreit Lutters
Video montage : Petronella Van Der Hallen
Photographer : Lore Stessel
Executive Producer : En Archipel ASBL


Les Brigittines (co-production)
Charleroi-danse (co-production)
Iles ASBL (Artist support)
En Archipel ASBL (Executive Producer)
With the help of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, service général de la création artistique – Service de la danse


Ⓒ Lore Stessel


Garage29 asbl
Rue de Moerkerke 29
BE-1030 Brussels