The project is an experimental choreographic work that wants to articulate and move through an underlanguage that awaits restlessly on the tip of the tongue.

I want us to gather, and rather than marching outwards, I want to try and make nests instead. And from these transitory sites, which I know can shift or break at any moment, I want to figure out how being on earth could look and feel like, not in the ruins of, but in the underneath of both language and the reality painted by it.

I am interested in investigating the ways in which realities bloom and collapse. In the ancient world, politicians used to learn the craft of rhetoric from poets – they studied the art of persuasion through poetry, and the magical ability of the poet to paint, in the mind, a persuasive picture, the imagination of something different and something previously non existent. And the desire for this different world is ignited. I want to look at how communal enunciations of such desire cause the rise and fall of worlds, and how the nests built underneath it all survive.




Ⓒ Nana Bilus Abaffy

Garage29 asbl
Rue de Moerkerke 29
BE-1030 Brussels