Workshop-Creation – Tamara Gvozdenovic & Nick Coutsier

6 December, 2019 garage29 OFFESTIVAL, WORKSHOP

Tamara Gvozdenovic and Nick Coutsier propose a 10-day workshop-creation on the theme of power games. Inspired by the piece Tradition Travioli, directed by Tamara and danced by Nick, they will experiment by bringing together a group of dancing participants around the themes of power, abuse of power and manipulation, while caricatured through cross-dressing and play.
An exploration of role-playing and mask play, through which they will ask participants to construct a precise and meticulous physical language, a bodywork and space reflexion where attention and tension are constant, the performers will be called upon to always be on “alert”, their movements mixed with “blows”, and their games with “punishments”.
The workshop-creation is divided into two parts:
Week 1: May 11th to 15th from 10am to 3pm with Nick Coutsier – physical exploration, movement setting.
Week 2: May 18th to 22nd from 10am to 3pm with Tamara Gvozdenovic – theatrical exploration, space setting.
Performance on Friday May 22nd at 8pm at Garage 29 as part of the OFFestival 2020.
Maximum 15 participants.
Selection on CV and video max 1 minute.
Obligation to participate for the whole workshop.
This workshop-creation is addressed to professional artists of the performing arts.
Price : 250€
Send your application before April 15th to

The workshop-creation is a hybrid formula between the workshop work and the stage creation process that offers choreographers the experience of directing and working with a group of professional artists in order to test, clarify and refine  their creation ideas. Participants are expected to experience a longer and more extensive process than a standard workshop, as well as to experience a public presentation of the result at the end of the process under the direction of the choreographers and in front of an informed audience.


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