DIPA Te (confined) Episode 1

19 March, 2020 garage29 PRODUCTION


Since childhood, we have been taught in the family and at school the customs to be respected: decency, modesty, good behaviour, dress, propriety, customs, good morals. As we enter adolescence, we gradually learn to behave as responsible adults, to submit to the opinions, codes, rules and models that represent the collective mentality. Because obedience unites and disobedience isolates, we obey without warning, out of conformism, habit or under the influence of social and normative pressure.
Confined today in ours apartments, we can finally get rid, reinvent these rules and act freely. Nobody to restrain us, no social control, no judgements. We go back to childhood, where the perception of time changes and days are getting longer. We can finally enjoy boredom and as children, allowed ourselves to be transported by our creative mind without being driven by a feeling of guilt, shame or fear.
But what do children do if not playing at being adults ! They are therefore the critical mirror of the world, and their freedom shows us, today more then never, that disobeying together, is also a way to revive democracy and to refuse collectively to be governed.

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