19 April, 2021 garage29 WORKSHOP


30 & 31/10/2021

Let the knitting unravel you !


Clothing represents our identifications, genders, social classes, belonging and identity claims. Transgressive, political and revolutionary, clothing allows us to be unique as well as to be part of the scenery. But above all, it authorizes the exit of the frame, the skidding which makes us sometimes creatures less, even not – identified. For the pleasure of the game and the act of freedom, the choreographer Sabina Scarlat invites you in her research and choreographic practice to try to draw a red thread towards an imaginary where the dress really makes the monk!


“In a constant dynamic of construction and deconstruction, we will aim, each day, at the same goal by taking another detour, namely, to elaborate, from the body and the style of each one, danced characters which transform themselves and play with the loss of reference marks. The tools of improvisation will help us to free the body and play with qualities and states, elastic-rigid, soft-contracted, articulated-disarticulated, to compose with various rhythms and speeds, from trembling to slow motion or from accent to continuous mouvement, to juggle between balance and imbalance. We will approach expression in all its facets, gesture, intention, communication, daily actions to build a physical narrative. The clothing will be this onion skin that we will add, by successive layers, letting emerge tragicomic characters whose trajectories pass from one outfit to another and transit by unclassifiable, discordant or paradoxical figures. These disguises of meaning will combine styles, eras, genders, classes or social functions to end up, out of categories, with children of heart in combat boots or policemen in stilettos.”


+ A carefully designed wardrobe will be at your disposal! You are free to complete it with the outfits you have always dreamed of wearing or with which you wish to build!

Sabina Scarlat is a choreographer, dancer and structure director. She likes to invent unusual settings and develop projects from raw materials or everyday objects. A heterogeneous character, born under the uniform of the Eastern bloc, in Romania, she joined the National Conservatory of Bucharest in classical dance, at the age of 11. She graduated in psychology from the ULB, in Brussels. She runs Garage29, as a research and stage creation studio. Her first stage creation (Uniform, 2017) – featuring the symbiosis of two women who mercilessly demolish a large set carved in sand – received the award for best stage design at the international festival Atelier, Baia Mare, Romania.

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