Sexen, or worse !




Choreography: Sabina Scarlat
Performance: Sabina Scarlat, Elie Tass, Charlie Cattrall
Costumes: Frédérick Denis

Co-production: Charleroi-Danse
Residency & Financial support: WorkspaceBrussels
Sexen, or worse! is an encounter of bodies that decapitates the happiness and supports the worst – the encounter with the other is made on the slide of misunderstanding!
From a never quite successful unison, three tragicomic characters compose together a chaotic score of binary gestures and an array of abracadabra costumes.

“There is no sexual relationship” said Lacan at the end of the 60s. While sexuality was being liberated, this joke brought back to a simple reality – impossible to make “one” from two…! 60 years later, individualism has reached a climax, we are all alone, in a dead end.






Garage29 asbl
Rue de Moerkerke 29
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