Diego Echegoyen - What shines through two different things


The project is a phonographic performance that, as a kind of choreographed city-tour, and with a participatory role of the public, explores different aspects on the relationship between the city and its citizens. Currently based in Brussels, Echegoyen engaged in a creative dialogue with the Buenos Aires based composer Ezequiel Menalled (AR/NL).

Through the combination of choreographic and performative elements in public space with storytelling, field recording techniques and film sound design, they explore the generation of narratives by exchanging specific sounds of different cities/places.

For these city-specific sound pieces, Diego works on what we neglect, naturalize or give for granted when we perceive our surrounding in an urban context.

As a migrant artist, Echegoyen seeks to place his "experience of the city" of Buenos Aires in this new city in which he lives. But as long as he changes cities, every version of this work allows him to find new fields and scales to reflect upon.

The migratory overlap aims to create a perceptual shift on the context, scaling up and down the impact of distance and time; enhancing perception and interweaving cultural backgrounds, identities, narratives, historical events, obsessions, myths or fantasies into this integrative object.




Conception : Diego Echegoyen
Compositor, Sound designer : Ezequiel Menalled


Residency partnership of KVS – Proximamente Festival – (November 2021, Brussels).

Residency partnership of Metropolis – Mapping the city – (July 2020, Copenhagen).

Partnership of PLANTA (Buenos Aires)

 Ⓒ Rui Calvo

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Rue de Moerkerke 29
BE-1030 Brussels