NATURE’S VOICE MAGIC // Helena Dietrich

19 January, 2023 garage29 WORKSHOP


Sonic portals, realms of magical entities, unlocking ephemeral mysteries beyond the veil into a world of ghostly fractals, a summoning of latent dreams and e!ervescent vibrations… The intention of the workshop is to collectively create mysterious assemblages of sounds, through exploring the relation of inner and outer worlds through imagination and body, with our voice as the invisible agent that travels through matter, shapeshifting into atmospheres, creatures, spirits, memories, landscapes, stories etc.

The body is a hyper sensual and empathic organism through which we perceive the energetic architecture of our environments. In the invisible “eld of frequencies and vibrations we are both receivers and senders – in relation to spaces, surfaces, bodies, distances, proximity, outer and inner worlds. The environment is penetrating our spheres through our senses, and our complex body system is internally in constant movement. We are moving in a multidimensional “eld both awake and yet dreaming, both perceiving impulses and informations and creating expressions, responses and spontaneous poetry. In the invisible network of beings we are agents in an ongoing orchestra. Collectively we are constantly co-creating atmospheres, environments, relations and perceptions. Our voices can make this invisible “eld of inter-relations tangible.

I am interested in the voice as a channel into one’s imaginative world as well as the channel that manifests realities by speaking/sounding. In my explorations I practice sensitisation and deep listening to spaces and environments, with the voice as a scanner and seismograph. The voice is as relational tool between myself and all that is included in my inner worlds and the environment, that is touching and crossing me. How can I be simultaneously in tune with my inner voice and the environment surrounding me? How can I tune into the !eld around me? I understand my body as a resonance body, capable to perceive and measure vibrations, and my voice is the tool that transforms and expresses. With this tool I can change the environment, let my inner imagination colour the space around me.

We will be working with scores, in group, couple or individually:
– spatial resonance / echolocation
– creation of an imagined landscape
– sound narratives
– transmission of emotions
– genius loci – spirits of a place
– storytelling through non-existent languages – speaking in tongues
– becoming – shapeshifting into sci-! creatures, animals, mythological entities
– transformation of energies
– collective dreaming
For all kinds of people and bodies, dancers, performers, interested in exploring and working with their voice.


• Price: 60€
• Dates: 8 & 9 APRIL,  11am > 5pm
• Send your application to:

Helena Dietrich is a German performance artist based in Brussels. Influenced by both feminist and postcolonial theory, her transdisciplinary work emerges from the study of rituals and transformative body-experiences into hybrid presentation formats. Her artistic approach is often process-based and seeks to invite audience into individual and collective experiences.

She has been developing techniques that she calls “Othering”, where she tries to support the destabilisation of habitual perceptions of self, and offers rituals to “decolonise” the body and invite participants to imagine and sense divers body- identities to create what she calls personal body fictions.

In her project Critical Techno, in collaboration with Thomas Proksch, she studies the collective experiences such as dance parties, experimenting with a format in-between dance-party and lecture.

Her immersive installations and performances have been presented in Hebbel am Ufer, Beursschouwburg, Kaaitheater, STUK, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Brakke Grond, Frascati, Vooruit, Charleroi danse, Jonge Harten, Uferstudios, among others.

With her latest creation Dreamline mothership INC, Helena joins the G.INCUBATOR 2021-2022. In **Dreamline mothership INC / Pt. 1: journey into the cosmic womb** an enchanted stewardess is taking the audience on a journey on the mothership into the galactic womb.

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