The G.INCUBATOR OR G.IN is a research and/or creation residency process established over 4 weeks per year for emerging artists in the performing arts. A call for applications is launched in May of each year to determine the selection of artists for the following season.  The 2021-2022 call is closed!
The G.IN is interested in the emergence of the artist’s project questioned, put to the test, explored in various forms through encounters with other artists, performing arts professionals or the public. In a broader sense, the G.IN reflects on the conditions for the emergence of stage ideas.  Its mission is to create and develop the conditions of search for stage ideas, overturning the classical frameworks of residency work. Thus, hybrid formulas, such as writing residencies workshop-creation, co-residency, are proposed to artists, who are invited to mix private/public, fictional/real spaces, move their points of view, reverse roles, etc.

 A word about the residencies formulas


The writing residency is a time for debate, brainstorming, questioning and verbal confrontation. It is a question of questioning the dramaturgy of the project, the possible writings around its theme, the technical means necessary for its realization, etc.

The workshop – creation is a two-week process in which the artist works with a group of participants in a workshop, integrating the questions of his project and his scenic vocabulary. He will use the group and its diversity of points of view on his proposal and will try to define its edges in order to end up with a presentation on the last day in front of an audience.

Co-residency is a co-habitation, or co-working, of two or more artists working on their individual projects at the same time in the studio. How the atmosphere, the objects, the universe of one project influences the other project and vice versa, without trying to combine them and without any obligation of result, but by allowing oneself to be contaminated by the difference in the approaches and functioning of each other.
The neighbours and inhabitants of Schaerbeek welcome an artist in residence in their homes. Workshops, back houses, gardens, sheds, garages, verandas, attics, living rooms, some neighbours have unusual spaces to offer to the artists who are invited to observe and multiply the dialogues with their future public from the very beginning of their project.

How to welcome and involve the audience in the creative process? We are looking for a public presentation formula, which is not necessarily the final form of the show, but where the audience is asked to give live feedback, appealing to their reactivity and spontaneity.


The G.IN artists in 2020-2021


The artists of past editions 



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