The PILOTA company is founded by Sabina Scarlat in 2023 to support her stage creations.
Sabina Scarlat trained in classical dance at the Bucharest National Conservatory. She also holds a degree in psychology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
In 2010, she co-founded Garage29, where she learned from and invited choreographers and directors to work. She then applies her reflections on frameworks capable of bringing out choreography from the relationship and play with materials and objects.
Her first creation (Uniforme, 2017) – featuring the symbiosis of two women who mercilessly demolish a large sand-sculpted set – was awarded the prize for best scenography at the Atelier international festival in Baia Mare, Romania.
Between 2020 and 2023, she devotes herself to developing the G.Incubator, Garage29’s artistic support program for young choreographers, and prefers to pursue stage creation in the form of collaborations initiated by others: Match 2 with Vilma Pitrinaite – in which two women manage to stick together while maintaining a fierce competition that plays on the subtlest manifestations of competition, and BALEC with Chloé Beillevaire – which explores feminine and masculine stereotypes with simple pairs of tights.
In 2024, she returns to her own stage creations. Two projects drive her: Sexen, ou pire! a trio of tragicomic characters who compose a chaotic score of binary gestures and an array of non-binary costumes, and Raw, a choreographic adaptation of Monique Wittig’s “Les Guerrières”.
Sabina Scarlat is supported by Danse Dense, a French platform for the identification, visibility and accompaniment of emerging artists.


La Balsamine


2021, Les Brigittines

2023, Les Brigittines










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