Born under the uniform of the Eastern bloc, Sabina Scarlat discovered classical dance at the age of 7 and joined the National Conservatory of Bucharest at the age of 11. Her artistic path was diverted by her arrival in Belgium where she studied at the ULB and obtained a degree in clinical psychology. She then leads a double life, working in the Brussels Lacanian psychoanalytical milieu while developing an artistic project, the Garage29, a research and stage creation studio where she experiments by inviting choreographers and directors to work there. Over the years, she has developed the place as a dynamic platform for artists, notably through the G.INCUBATOR, an artistic support program for emerging choreographers that she spurs on.
Gradually, she dedicated herself entirely to her artistic projects and signed her first choreographic creation, Uniforme, presented at the  Balsamine theater, which stages the symbiosis of two women who mercilessly demolish a large set sculpted in sand. The play received the prize for best scenography at the international festival Atelier, Baia Mare, in Romania. She then co-wrote Match 2, with Vilma Pitrinaite, presented at the Brigittines theater. The play questions the ideas of improvement and progress that animate our society at all levels – economic, hierarchical and family – and for which two female figures find no interest or relevance. Currently, she is creating Balec with Chloé Beillevaire for a stroll in tights around the figure of a female buffoon.











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